09 June 2006

It's Almost Time...

I am now the proud owner of a digital camera! During my trip to San Diego I should have plenty of opportunities to practice using it. Then it will be time to upload some of my knitting projects and chat about them. Dani, I hope your trip up here doesn't overlap with my trip to CA. Aimee and I are almost ready to Lucy!

03 June 2006

Finally felted

Before I went on vacation to Virginia, Lorie and I met and felted four bags. Three were mine and one hers. Lorie, I expect a posting on all of your projects!!! Here are the photos of mine--pre-felted.

This bag is for me. Finding buttons was a great Seattle challenge, but I found them and love them.

This is a bag for a friend of mine who does too much for everyone but herself. I hope it helps her enjoy some me time.

This is a bag for my mother. She picked out the yarn. You may notice that the handles seem slightly off. By the time this was felted, they were way off. I didn't take a photo, but trust me, it would take an oddly fingered person to have carried this bag. I ended up cutting off the handles, resewing them (invisibly after two tries) and adding the buttons. I think it worked! Hopefully mom won't read the blog and she'll never know. Here's the finished one, followed by the others!

That's all for now. I'll post later about Virgnina Beach yarn shops, socks and heels, and my penchant for buying sock yarn!