25 February 2006

Felted Bags part two

Here are the photos of the finally finished booga bag. I'm now happy with the results. Eight feet of i-cord is a lot!

I also felted my buttonhole bag. Here are the before and after shots. I love this bag. I'm going to make one more (at least) with the purple on bottom and green on top as a surprise for a friend of mine at work who loved the bag too.

I haven't knit at all this week. I had a plumbing emergency on Tuesday and fell on concrete on Wednesday. Today is the first day I've been able to type without pain. I'll start knitting again today or tomorrow. Right now I'm glad nothing was broken!

Rich and I are headed to Bangkok on March 5th. I can't wait to see the sights. Dani, you haven't gotten me your shopping list yet! He gets home tonight from Caracas Venezuala. Check out his blog for stories of men with guns.

That's all for now. Maybe humor will happen when the pain pills wear off!

20 February 2006

I'm in LOVE

Okay, I know that we all know that the sexy man I go home to is the love of my life, but when it comes to my knitting life, I fall prey to lust and love in the needle and yarn world. It truly is a separate world, with different wishes (time alone with only yarn and needles and chocolate) and desires (unlimited supplies of beautiful breathtaking FREE yarn). But right now, I feel on many levels that my yarn world is complete...for the moment. I have found Noni bags. Oh the joy, oh the spirit, oh the love of felting. Check them out. They are wild, whimsical and wonderful, while still maintaining a tailored demure that is so classic. Tell me what you think. I hope you all are as giddy as I am after viewing the site.

18 February 2006

The Olympics and Knitting

Welcome, Dani! Aimee, I think there is hope for the hat.

So for some reason, I thought my addiction to the Olympic Games would be beneficial to my knitting. You look up now and then and it's a good way to get through the commercials. However, lately I've been spending my evenings elsewhere and taping the games. So instead of knitting, I watch the events and fast forward through the commercials. Good thing I didn't enter myself in the Olympic Games of Knitting. Oh well, as long as I get the baby blanket done by mid-April...but there's also my dad's hat in there too.

Aimee, thanks for coming to the dance show. Maybe knitted legwarmers should be on my project list!


17 February 2006

Yay Dani's here! Now the party is started

I'm so happy that you're here Dani. Now we can get down and knit. I love the lucy bag. I want the pattern. I still need the clogs pattern. Rich has decided he could use a pair if I make them out of Alpaca!

My brother sent me photos of the chewed up hat. Repairable or not? You vote. They are sending it to me and I'll let you know. Here's some pics.

This is what happens when bad dogs happen to good hats.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to felt my buttonhole bag and some coasters. Must finish mom's project. Must finish mom's project. Must finish....


15 February 2006


After some technical difficulties and some blogger issues, finally a post! Yay! Quite the accomplishment at the moment. Love the booga bags. Here are a few pics of what I have been working on, including my Lucy Bag made with my wonderful Christmas present from Aimee (on the far right). Also included is a morning market bag from Fabulous Felted Handknits made with yarn that did not work with one of my christmas presents - see what I mean about the green Aimee? (left). And finally a gorgeous teal shawl (if I do say so myself) that is very much still in progress from Vogue Knitting magazing Fall 05 (middle). I got the yarn on a uber super deal and have become a huge fan of Rowen Calmer. Rumor has it that it's been discontinued...so I am quite sad. Hope you girls are doing great, much love, Dani.

hats, dogs, and nieces

Ashlynn and Brynn's hats

I made these cute earflap hats for my nieces who live in Montana. Considering they were my third and fourth attempts at colorwork, they turned out surprisingly well. They are made out of Knitpicks Andean Silk, which is a dream to knit with. Very fun patterns to knit and I got to practice my pompom making skills. Alas, the purple one (Ashlynn's) has been eaten by a dog. Super aunt to the rescue. I will knit another soooooooooon (and watch my list of projects grow longer and longer). But for Ashlynn, anything. I hope she keeps the next one out of the reach of the dogs.

And now a photo of the cats, as requested by a reader. In this photo, Spike is sitting on top of Lola trying to force her off the perch, but she's not going anywhere!

Update on Dani. She's alive and well, but has had email issues. She should be joining us shortly and showing us pics of her great knitting. She's super-knitter!


14 February 2006

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My sweetie sent me beautiful flowers and chocolates to celebrate the day. He's in Indianapolis freezing his tuckus off, but he remembered romance! I hope he likes his wee giftie.

The bags are felted, dried, and put together. One small problem. This yarn felted well. Extremely well. Better than any yarn I've felted before (not that I have much experience--this is my fourth project). And the strap felted down too short. So now I have to find a contrasting yarn to knit into super long i-cord and try again. I'll post a photo later. But check out the current finished projects.

Lorie's Bag (beautiful colors)

My bag (nice colors, crappy strap)

I have Olympic fever. I'm sad for Michelle Kwan. On NBC, they said, "When did she get old?" Old? She's 25. She's been in the sport longer than the majority of athletes. I want to learn Snowboarding slang and apply it to knitting. Doing a 1080 fakey will have a whole new meaning. work with me here.

I've started another bag. Which means I'm ignoring my mother's Christmas present, my socks (over a year now) and various other projects. This bag is the buttonhole bag from masondixonknitting.com. What a fun project. Then back to the Christmas present and socks. Argh.

Dani, where are you?


13 February 2006

Where's Dani?

Hey Dani, you were there when I started out on the baby blue yarn and you were knitting the beautiful green cabled sweater. I can't say I've mastered, or even attempted anything complicated like fair isle (Aimee you have to post pics of your hats), but I've knitted quite a few things since that summer. Aimee should be putting up pics of the finished felted bags any day now. We're waiting to see your felted creations from the gorgeous New Zealand yarn. Ok, gotta get out my knitting...

11 February 2006


They have been in front of the heater all day. Lorie's is almost dry. Mine is still damp. By tomorrow night? we hope to sew the pockets and place the straps. I think its a go.

How's the drying going?

Do you think the bags will be dry by tomorrow eve and ready for the strap placement?

Fun with Felting

I bought some great wool yarn while on vacation with my sweetie in New Zealand. I bought enough for my cousin Dani and friend Lorie. We all decided to knit bags with the yarn. Lorie and I knit an extra large Booga Bag. Yesterday we felted them and they are still drying so no final pics yet. But I promise they turned out beautifully. We had enough yarn to make matching accessory bags. The photos are pre-felting. Mine is the purple and Lorie's is the reds and yellows.