14 February 2006

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My sweetie sent me beautiful flowers and chocolates to celebrate the day. He's in Indianapolis freezing his tuckus off, but he remembered romance! I hope he likes his wee giftie.

The bags are felted, dried, and put together. One small problem. This yarn felted well. Extremely well. Better than any yarn I've felted before (not that I have much experience--this is my fourth project). And the strap felted down too short. So now I have to find a contrasting yarn to knit into super long i-cord and try again. I'll post a photo later. But check out the current finished projects.

Lorie's Bag (beautiful colors)

My bag (nice colors, crappy strap)

I have Olympic fever. I'm sad for Michelle Kwan. On NBC, they said, "When did she get old?" Old? She's 25. She's been in the sport longer than the majority of athletes. I want to learn Snowboarding slang and apply it to knitting. Doing a 1080 fakey will have a whole new meaning. work with me here.

I've started another bag. Which means I'm ignoring my mother's Christmas present, my socks (over a year now) and various other projects. This bag is the buttonhole bag from masondixonknitting.com. What a fun project. Then back to the Christmas present and socks. Argh.

Dani, where are you?


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