28 January 2007

What Animal were you in a past life?

You Were an Otter

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absence makes the heart grow fonder

I haven't picked up the needles in a week and besides, why should I? I have nothing on those needles, or any other needles at this time. I am done (except for a couple almost finished projects from early 2006...) with everything I set out to accomplish by the end of last week. I will post a pic of the brown sweater when I can convince Mr Fireman to take a good photo for me. Considering that I have seen him for less than 6 waking hours this week, it will not be anytime soon! Our schedules are a bit crazy now.

I started nursing school last monday Jan 22. It is clearly evident that my commute time will not be filled with knitting but rather flash cards for pharmacology and some book learnin'. I know I don't sound excited, but I am....it's just overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of work that I have to do, every single day. Sad to say but I don't know how much you all will hear from me over the next few months. I will do my best to pop in and comment and if I ever get to pick up the needles again I will share my joy with you all. I am counting down the 7 weeks to spring break, when I am positive I will be able to cast on a pair of socks. Seven weeks is not that far away right?

Hope your lives are full of knitting and fun and no pathophysiology notes or tests!

Love and hugs. me

15 January 2007

belated 2006 photos, new for 2007

I have obviously been a bit absent, but still have been knitting. In fact, I have knit quite a bit. First, here are some photos of the Print of the Wave Shawl from Eunny . (I hope the link worked. I have had SOOO much trouble doing the links).

Not pictured includes the last of 2006. A pair of socks in Austermann Step yarn (with jojoba and aloe) with a short row heel. It was my first try at the short row heel and I like it but I imagine that the heels will wear out sooner than the normal heel that I am used to. I have to say I did enjoy not having to pick up stitches. Not pictured also includes the first fo of 2007. It is the Hourglass sweater with modifications. I will post a pic and info when I can. I am sad to say it is a bit larger than I wanted it to be but it will still be comfy and cozy.
And finally that brown blob that isn't showing up very well is the Vogue Knitting Fall 2006 Cabled Cardigan #19. It is coming along quite quickly considering that I cast on on 1/8/07. The goal is to have it done and wearable by 1/22/07.

Why such a set date you may ask? That is the day I start the BSRN program here and will then have limited knitting time. Also with all the snow in Denver I am needing as many warm sweaters as I can get my hands on. We are due for another snow this coming weekend, making it 5 weeks in a row. There is snow on the ground that is refusing to go away from Dec 21st! It has caused quite a mess including broken gas lines, frozen pipes and all kinds of other issues for the people here. Luckily we have avoided any accidents and major problems. We also feel thankful to have a home, even if the heater is not keeping up as well as we would like in the -8 degree temps at night. Hopefully you both are warm and happy!

New year, new projects (for me)

Since my last post on Nov 19 (!), much knitting has occurred, but very little documentation. Forgot to take photos of the Christmas hats, but here's the bag, a gift to my sister-in-law. A simple Booga bag, striped using a color scheme suggested by her. I decided to eliminate the surprise element in favor of picking colors she would like.

I have finally cast on the Lucy Bag using yarn purchased last spring. I love this color and its name, Blue Magic. Aimee and I didn't quite accomplish our plan of casting on during her last visit, but we did at least figure out which size to make (large ball, not tall ball). I am close to finishing my increasing then round and round I'll go.

As I'm now branching out to more than one project at a time, here's the beginnings of a scarf in a simple mistake rib pattern. With all of this super cold weather, I'm looking forward to adding a scarf to my wardrobe (although as Aimee can attest, I am rather attached to my purple cashmere beauty, not a hand knit, but still a delectable piece.)

Christmas gifts included several knitting books: Stitchionary 3 (thanks Aimee!), Knitting Nature, OneSkein, Knitting in Plain English, and Knitting to Go pattern cards. Quite the bounty, really. I'm ready for 2007 to be the Year of the Sweater. It's time for my first sweater and I have several in mind. The next step is to find yarn, and I've been looking. Aimee, do you think we'll be able to fit in any yarn shop visits when we're in Seattle next weekend? Or maybe a Portland shop or two on my way home. Other than sweaters, I still have a couple of projects in my chemise -- the market bag is one. With this cold weather, I may be moving the felted clogs into my chemise pronto.

Dani, I heard some crazy stories from Aimee about Extreme Denver and yarn shops. Here's to warmer weather and longer days. Happy New Year, everyone!

13 January 2007

What Kind of Reader are you?

I haven't been knitting much this week. My iBook is in its final death throes even as I type this. I've managed to save all of my music, photos, etc. And I bought a new iMac which will be here on Tuesday! Yay! I'll post photos. No more laptop for me.

Okay, what kind of reader are you?

What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Sad news from our friend Kendra. She had Hobbes put to sleep because he was really, really sick. My heart goes out to you Kendo.