29 August 2006

0 for 2

I started the lace scarf. Although it is something in my chemise, it isn't on my priority list, but I don't care. I've been wanting to try this for a long time and I have the yarn. (Dani, we need to get you a chemise - a French notebook wherein we keep patterns that are on the front burner.)

Revelation Number 1: I am officially over my need to buy bargain yarn at non-LYS such as Michaels. Acrylic posing as mohair = yuk. I was there. I'm no longer at that place. Thank god. I quickly realized upon starting the scarf that it wasn't going to be pretty -- not the scarf, not knitting it. Someday (soon) when I purchase lovely yarn, I'll be delighted to take up this project again. Maybe I'll wander into a few LYS in Seattle this weekend in search of said yarn. :)

Revelation Number 2: The Kate, take 2. I had a hard enough time starting The Kate since casting on 6 sts and joining in the round was not in my repetoire. I started over many times and finally succeed with something that looked more or less ok. I even got 12 rounds knitted. As it was time for bed I realized Revelation Number 2: knitting with the wrong yarn makes you want to cry. Yes, all that time and effort, and I was knitting with Kate's shirt yarn, not Kate's pants yarn. Waah! I'm chalking it up to good practice. Perhaps I'll start anew tonight.

26 August 2006

Princesa and the Pea

So I've finished knitting Peep's bed. Not quite sure if this is actually going to work once felted, but I'm just going to give it a try. Seems like the 26" diameter of the base won't work with the amount that I've decreased. The instructions said to make sure the bind off wasn't loose, so it isn't...but now I wonder. See for yourselves. Right now it looks like a ginormous rastaman cap with room for LOTS of dreds. And here she is waiting patiently (love the tounge)...

20 August 2006


takes away time from knitting! I have to knit a second Kate this week, unpack a house, pack for a trip, renew my driver's license and try to breathe! I can do it. I hope to start Kate tomorrow once the kitchen is unpacked. Argh to the kitchen.

The cat bed is ready for the sides. I just need time to add them. That's all I've worked on in recent weeks. Between packing and saying goodbye, not much time for knitting! Cross your fingers knitting time happens soon. If nothing else, I have a great gift certificate from my former co-workers (now just friends) to spend at a great local yarn shop! I can't wait. I'm dreaming of ebony needles (or rosewood), cashmere yarn (or some other yarn I would never buy) and a lot of books. Needless to say, I've spent the gift certificat 3 times over! But that's the joy of dreams!

02 August 2006

It's time for photos!

Ok, here's my attempt to post some photos -- finally. I know it's been a while since I was all excited about my new camera. Before the blanket Aimee just posted, I finished Booga #2, a 180 degree change in color palate from Booga #1. Muted gray with a touch of greenish/yellow. The gray is Cascade 220 single stranded. The other is Crystal Palace Fjord color Fern.

Here are the hats I just made for my brother and nephew for xmas. Yes, getting a big head start on the gifts. (No pun intended.) This is a pattern going round the library, just a little spiral beanie.

Last but not least, the kitty bed. The bottom is just over half done. Maybe when I go to buy the pink yarn I'll be adding to the sides, I'll get yarn for my Kate. Yeah, a little behind on the animals, but what ever happened to the Lucy bag? Unlike others I know (Aimee), I'm trying to work on the projects for which the yarn is already in my stash. But, I can't blame you, that Kate is adorable!