20 August 2006


takes away time from knitting! I have to knit a second Kate this week, unpack a house, pack for a trip, renew my driver's license and try to breathe! I can do it. I hope to start Kate tomorrow once the kitchen is unpacked. Argh to the kitchen.

The cat bed is ready for the sides. I just need time to add them. That's all I've worked on in recent weeks. Between packing and saying goodbye, not much time for knitting! Cross your fingers knitting time happens soon. If nothing else, I have a great gift certificate from my former co-workers (now just friends) to spend at a great local yarn shop! I can't wait. I'm dreaming of ebony needles (or rosewood), cashmere yarn (or some other yarn I would never buy) and a lot of books. Needless to say, I've spent the gift certificat 3 times over! But that's the joy of dreams!

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