30 March 2007

I should be studying...

Last week actually managed to get worse before it got better. I couldn't even take a picture of the horror that occurred on Sunday. But the Print o' the Wave Shawl that I posted about a while ago is no longer.... Missy, the cute innocent dog in the photos managed to literally get her paws (and teeth) on it and it is now 8 smaller balls of yarn waiting to be washed and dried and re-wound and re-knit. Also, in another photo posted today, there is only one red sock shown. And in reality there were two before she ate 4" off the cuff while I was attempting to salvage the shawl. It was so sad it was funny. Basically two doors got left open that were supposed to be closed, and the rest is doggy byproduct!

On a good note, my new computer arrived yesterday. Fortunately I was here when the FedEx guy came, but immediately had to leave for 8 hours of school. So I didn't get to touch it until last night and then it took 4 hours today at the Genius Bar to migrate all of my stuff from my old computer to the new one. Some karma was on my side though, as my old computer waited until the last GB or so in the transfer before it crashed for good. So I didn't get some of the last photos off the old computer, but all the important ones have been saved on disk. Thank goodness!

To explain the photos, the first is Missy and the coveted new computer....ahhhh isn't she cute? But don't turn your back or leave yarn out. She is not detoured by pointy sticks. And the 2nd is of some recent stuff. Red sock #1 which will hopefully have a partner again if I end up having enough left over yarn to make it happen. The scarf ended up being a gift for a friend and the stethoscope represents my life right now. It has somewhat replaced knitting for now. But when I get to it I will post a pic of my newest socks. I just have to sew down a picot edge and they will be done. Something to stay tuned for.

Take care!

23 March 2007

to see if it all works

I had a post the other day that I had carefully written out, but I didn't email it because it sounded like a pathetic country song. Instead of losing the house, the husband and my job, in the last week I have managed to find a crack in the windshield of our '06 car, the dog we are watching for family had a seizure and an expensive vet visit, and then my computer died. That was Monday through Wednesday of my Spring Break. Exciting, huh?

So now onto exciting news. Yesterday we went rock climbing....it was the first time in two years and reminded me of how much I really miss it. It was rewarding and challenging and fun and painful all at the same time. And now my forearms are on fire from typing a paragraph and a half and it feels so good! :)

Also, I am still working on picking out the new computer. Luckily for us, we get a free printer out of the deal. Which is great and amazing considering that our current printer (which was free because it sat in a closet so long) jams regularly and takes 1 hour to print out 20+ pages. Yes, that says 1 HOUR, not one minute. The spec sheets says it should print out 20 pages in 2 minutes....HAHAHAHA. It's a bit of an understatement don't you think? So we are excited at the prospect of a new printer, especially one that is a copier/scanner as well since we have never had either capability beofre.

In knitting news, I managed a pair of socks in my first 8 weeks of RN school. I finished them right before spring break. I will post photos later. Also I have gotten 3/4 the way through another pair in the last week. Yay! I have more knitting I am hoping to do, including a baby sweater but we will see how quick it all goes with school staring again next week. When I get the new computer I promise I will post photos. I don't want to download them to Steve's computer, although I am sure he wouldn't mind.

Hope all is well with you all. Love the new design, the colors are favorites of mine as well.

22 March 2007

Ummmm, I think I changed the blog

Hi. I played with the blog tonight. Let me know what you think of the new color scheme. Its the colors I would pick for my house if mine were the only vote. Alas, its not and thus I had to settle for pale imitations. If you have any comments/suggestions let me know. Dani, please try to post and see if your log in works!