31 October 2006

Red Scarf Project

Hey there!

I know that christmas time is a big one for our lovely handknits....(not me this year, which is a bit of a relief), but I was wondering if y'all would be interested in doing the Red Scarf Project in January. That is the only month they accept donated scarfs for the Orphan Foundation of America. I thought it might be nice to knit for someone who isn't a friend or family member. It would be a new experience for me. Let me know what you think. I plan on doing it anyway but it might be fun to see what we all come up with.

Happy Haunting!

30 October 2006


For the past week I have wanted to knit...sort of. But I have found an amazing distraction that makes me think about other things...beyond needles and yarn. What might you ask could cause such an uproar and take one away from a hobby so important to life it is like breathing?

We.....(big breath to aid in the anticipation) found THE DOG (Like it wasn't obvious from the picture at the top of the page). Our (new) dog, who has completely melted our hearts, made us weak in the knees and a bit crazy. It has caused us to spend at least 1 near sleepless night on the edge of the bed (each of us on opposing edges) clinging on for dear life with sheer determination that the dog who weighs 43lbs would not manage to take over an entire queen size bed and kick out two full grown adults. (Well the Fireman is full grown...I am a little short but an adult nonetheless). We have since come to our senses and resolved the bed issue. She sleeps on her dog bed next to my side so that now if I need to get up in the middle of the night I have to crawl over the fireman to get to wherever I need to go. For now it is the only solution that works... She likes to be close to us and we like to be close to her. From the picture you might be able to see why we are so attached already.

Her name is Missy. And she is a rescue dog and we are so happy to be blessed with her in our lives.

More on knitting later. Happy Halloween.

27 October 2006

A moth

As fellow knitters, be ready for gasps of shock and pain at this story. (Oh, I understand it could be worse.) I found a moth. Okay, really I found a cocoon. It was on a recipe sitting under the red bowl pictured in a previous post. It wasn't on the recipe when it found its way under the bowl. But it was there when I pulled it out to file it. I believe there may have been a panic attack, but since I have no memory of this due to the lack of oxygen getting into my system at this point, I don't know. All I know is I went to the Internet and found out that really there is nothing one can do about moths and yarn. Freezing is an urban legend. Microwaving can damage your yarn. All that I could do was invest in ziploc bags and pray. I have gallon size bags and 2.5 gallon bags now enveloping the yarn collection. I lovingly took out each skein of yarn and placed it in a bag. I couldn't even form sentences while doing this process. Rich was forced into silence because I was panicking too much and seeing the end of my yarn collection. I couldn't have external conversation going on concurrently with the internal screams of dread. I packaged the yarn by project and type. I'm hoping, if there are moths, they are the cotton/acrylic eating types. I put that yarn in the top drawer, just to be more inviting. Please little moths, go there. Please. Not the cashmere. Please.

Wrap up your yarn now. Triple wrap it. Do you think its overkill to take all of the ziplocs and put them into rubbermaid? And then take that rubbermaid and put it inside of rubbermaid. Or that just a practical decision?

23 October 2006

Librarian costume

Lorie sent me a link to this "costume" and suggested it could be my Halloween costume. Little does she know that this is my new uniform. You wouldn't believe how eager the teens are to read when I'm in my workwear. For those of you who don't use your local library, you may want to check it out and see what your librarian wears to work!

17 October 2006

Bowls, bowls, bowls

Its been too long since I've posted. Due to ongoing illness, stress of new job and life, I just haven't had a second to post. But I have been knitting slowly and steadily. And adding to my yarn stash. Let me say that Dani's stash is miniscule compared to mine. I'm actually considering destashing the yarn that has no intended projects. But I have to think more on that.

I've started making bowls! Let me say that I love bowls. They are my favorite shape. I have bowls from many of my trips in many different materials, but I had no felted bowls! I made four in one week, felted them and have given three away! I have just done one more and hope to make two or three more this week to start stashing for Christmas presents. I love bowls. Here's some photos:

The blue and green bowl is not photogenic. Its also not my favorite. Its too tall and looks odd to me. I've learned a lot from making bowls. If you want to know more, please comment with your email or contact information and I'll respond.

I've almost finished the baby blanket for a friend of mine. And my mom's Christmas present. Now I just have everyone else's to work on. Next are felted ballerina slippers for my nieces!

I went to Flock and Fiber in Canby Oregon in September. It was a great fiber festival. Tons of yarn and people. I resisted strongly until I found some yarn I couldn't live without! I'm not yet sure what I'm doing with it. I think I'm making a felted purse with the two skeins and probably bowls with the light yellow if it will felt!

Dani sent a pair of socks to our friend Susan for her birthday. I know that Susan loves them. Dani, post a photo already! More postings as projects finish. And practice with the flash! Stay well.