30 October 2006


For the past week I have wanted to knit...sort of. But I have found an amazing distraction that makes me think about other things...beyond needles and yarn. What might you ask could cause such an uproar and take one away from a hobby so important to life it is like breathing?

We.....(big breath to aid in the anticipation) found THE DOG (Like it wasn't obvious from the picture at the top of the page). Our (new) dog, who has completely melted our hearts, made us weak in the knees and a bit crazy. It has caused us to spend at least 1 near sleepless night on the edge of the bed (each of us on opposing edges) clinging on for dear life with sheer determination that the dog who weighs 43lbs would not manage to take over an entire queen size bed and kick out two full grown adults. (Well the Fireman is full grown...I am a little short but an adult nonetheless). We have since come to our senses and resolved the bed issue. She sleeps on her dog bed next to my side so that now if I need to get up in the middle of the night I have to crawl over the fireman to get to wherever I need to go. For now it is the only solution that works... She likes to be close to us and we like to be close to her. From the picture you might be able to see why we are so attached already.

Her name is Missy. And she is a rescue dog and we are so happy to be blessed with her in our lives.

More on knitting later. Happy Halloween.

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lvknits said...

Missy is gorgeous and quite lucky to be picked by you. Distraction approved!