02 August 2006

It's time for photos!

Ok, here's my attempt to post some photos -- finally. I know it's been a while since I was all excited about my new camera. Before the blanket Aimee just posted, I finished Booga #2, a 180 degree change in color palate from Booga #1. Muted gray with a touch of greenish/yellow. The gray is Cascade 220 single stranded. The other is Crystal Palace Fjord color Fern.

Here are the hats I just made for my brother and nephew for xmas. Yes, getting a big head start on the gifts. (No pun intended.) This is a pattern going round the library, just a little spiral beanie.

Last but not least, the kitty bed. The bottom is just over half done. Maybe when I go to buy the pink yarn I'll be adding to the sides, I'll get yarn for my Kate. Yeah, a little behind on the animals, but what ever happened to the Lucy bag? Unlike others I know (Aimee), I'm trying to work on the projects for which the yarn is already in my stash. But, I can't blame you, that Kate is adorable!


yarnchica said...

Yay Lori! Your alive! and Knitting obviously! It's great to see your progress since the beginning days. It all looksg great!

RedHotKnitter said...

Okay, its true, I'm a sucker for the latest yarn and forget I have a stash. A stash that Rich is only beginning to understand the depth of. I do need to work on de-stashing since the new house is much smaller than the old house and having it spread throughout is no longer an option! Argh.

Lorie, glad to know your camera works. We were beginning to wonder!