31 July 2006

Afghan update

With all of the other projects, I forgot to update on the afghan for our friend with brain cancer. Lorie and I pieced all of it together. We are now awaiting a crocheter to do her magic and crochet a beautiful edge around it before we present it to him. Here's two photos of what we've done thus far:

I'm not sure what I would do differently next time. This was a project knit with a lot of heart and hands and that means there are going to be problems along the way. Some squares were too big, others a shade too small. Only one square really didn't fit, but we made it work. All of the patterns and personalities and love show through on this project and that is what really matters. We hope it will give him plenty of comfort and joy during these dark days.

And a photo of Lola taking advantage of an empty bag! Isn't she cute!

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