04 July 2006

Super extra long post!

It's been a long time since my last post, so this one will be extra long. Where to start? Dani's socks are beautiful and inspiring. I finally finished my second pair of socks. It only took a year and a half! I hope the next pair is done in time for present time.

I'm working on an afghan with Lorie and 16 other people at work for a friend's husband who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. It is a slow project, but will hopefully be finished by the end of the month. Here are a few photos of what we have so far. Ultimately it will be 4 squares by 6 squares. I'm still waiting for two squares before we can finish it all up. It looks a little rough right now, but I hope it will improve when it is all together.

During the wait, I'm working on socks and a scarf. The scarf is a pattern from Hilltop Yarns in Seattle. I love it! It is a fun lacy project.

I've bought yarn recently for gauntlets (armwarmers), felted vases, a bag for my sister, and a felted cat bed. I'm up to more projects than I can handle. All while job hunting and hoping to move soon! No stress like lots of stress.
My obsession with knitting books continues. Dani brought me Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Circulars" which I adore as this is how I knit socks. I just bought "Alterknits". I love the creativity, encouragement, and new ideas in this book. I have "Wendy Knits" checked out from the library. I'm not so fond of the patterns, but I love her writing style. My new favorite must buy book is "Knitting Nature". Talk about creative. It is a fabulous knitting book. Wow! I highly recommend picking it up and looking at it.
I've also started teaching Rich to knit. He's taking to it very easily. I'm not sure if he likes it yet, but he's a natural! Either that or my teaching is getting better and better!
Dani, Kendra (she will declare herself "Knitter" soon--she just started purling), and I went to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene last week. What a great event! You get to meet the sheep, see the wool, watch the entire process of wool to yarn right there. That was where I convinced myself (with Kendra's help) to buy sock yarn to knit gauntlets with!

I'm going to make up some cabled pattern for them. I did resist all other urges however. I especially loved the sheep. And goats as we learned some of the sheepy looking critters really are. Hmmmmm. I need lessons. And the fluffy bunnies. Here's some photos.

Meanwhile, Rich and I put a flowerbed in at the Portland residence this weekend. We also bought grown-up furniture! A rust-colored sofa and loveseat are coming our way soon. The 70s non-descript duplex is getting some style!
Lorie--you're it!

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yarnchica said...

Thanks for the long post and the pictures. For somereason bloglines doesn't update me to new posts on our webpage. Gotta love technology.

Love the work on the Portland house. It looks like it is beginning to have your touch. Love the new little project-fancy lacy. And I am SURE that the blanket will come together well. I need to work on getting some photos done. Somehow I don't feel a post is complete without photos. Got the special gift socks done and will probably post the pattern on our lovely site..or maybe submit it if you think it is worth it. I have yet to send them as I hope to wait until closer to september. If I can wait that long!