30 July 2006


The ferocious, scary, mean and not so hairy dino's are here to take over the world, or at least Mr. Fireman's attention for the next many days! The patterns came from Xtreme Knitting (http://xtremeknitting.com). It's a great free pattern that I love, love, love. It's fun and only takes a few hours to make. Stuffing and sewing togther isn't bad either.

There are three options with the pattern. Mr Stegs, Trice and Bronty. I made two Trice's as one is for a friends 3 year old son, and the other is for Mr. Fireman. He originally wanted a green one with a brown belly but I didn't have any brown yarn.. The stats on these little guys are:

Rowan handknit dk- not even one skein
Needles: Clover Bamboo size 5 circular (pattern calls for size 6 but I found that I liked a tighter knit)
Size: 11.5 inches long approximately. Managed to be pretty much to the pattern measurements on the smaller needles.
Modifications: Next time, I would make the horns a bit stronger. I think I would end up crocheting them. Also I think I would puth their legs a bit closer together, because at the present time they seem to like to do the splits. Sure it's cute, but not a tough dinosaur move. No body is afraid of a gymnast when he or she is in the splits on the floor routine.

The green dino worked much the same, but I used (not quite) 1 skein of Knitpicks Shine DK. I like the feel of the green dino better, but I think the Rowan yarn will hold up much longer as it is stronger yarn. Only time will tell. I am confidant the orange one will be fine as it is going to the three year old, and Mr. Fireman is going to get the green one. I somehow don't expect a grown man to wear out the softer yarn nor abuse the dino as much.....

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