30 July 2006

Miss Kate (and other projects)

Lorie thought up this great idea to knit a stuffed animal. Dani has completed two. I've completed one. Lorie, where's yours? Where are your posts? We know you've been knitting!

I made a Kate from Knitty. I love my Kate. She is for one of my two baby nieces. I have to knit another, slightly different Kate for the other. I used Cascade 220 for the body and pants, and Nashua Wooly Stripes for the sweater. I love the sweater colors. I'm going to use the leftover for a bowl. A beautiful felted bowl. Here is the progress of Kate:

I loved making Kate. I only noticed one mistype in the pattern and was able to fix it before it showed. I will knit my second with no modifications. However, I want to make a mini-kate for myself and I'm considering knitting all of the pieces and attempting to felt her and then sew her together. What do you think?

Besides Kate, socks, and scarf, I've also started a baby blanket

and a to-be-felted cat bed.

I've accepted a job up north and will be moving in 3 (THREE) weeks to be with my sweetie. I should be packing, but I'd rather be knitting. So I've enlisted friends to come and pack one night next week, so that I don't have to do it all by myself. I will miss my friends dearly. But its only two hours away. Just two little hours.


yarnchica said...

She's Adorable! I love her. You did such a great job. I can definitely understand why you would want one for yourself. I love the idea of felting her. That way if she became a cat treat then I think she would survive. Otherwise I am not sure! Congrats on the job. I am so glad it is happening so soon and you don't have to worry about it anymore. YAY!

lvknits said...

I love your Kate!!! I've seen her in person and she's even cuter. The one question I have about felting a Kate is about the stuffing. Are you talking felting, stuffing, sewing? OR stuffing, felting, sewing? Oh yes, please let me know what the one mistype before I start mine.