15 January 2007

New year, new projects (for me)

Since my last post on Nov 19 (!), much knitting has occurred, but very little documentation. Forgot to take photos of the Christmas hats, but here's the bag, a gift to my sister-in-law. A simple Booga bag, striped using a color scheme suggested by her. I decided to eliminate the surprise element in favor of picking colors she would like.

I have finally cast on the Lucy Bag using yarn purchased last spring. I love this color and its name, Blue Magic. Aimee and I didn't quite accomplish our plan of casting on during her last visit, but we did at least figure out which size to make (large ball, not tall ball). I am close to finishing my increasing then round and round I'll go.

As I'm now branching out to more than one project at a time, here's the beginnings of a scarf in a simple mistake rib pattern. With all of this super cold weather, I'm looking forward to adding a scarf to my wardrobe (although as Aimee can attest, I am rather attached to my purple cashmere beauty, not a hand knit, but still a delectable piece.)

Christmas gifts included several knitting books: Stitchionary 3 (thanks Aimee!), Knitting Nature, OneSkein, Knitting in Plain English, and Knitting to Go pattern cards. Quite the bounty, really. I'm ready for 2007 to be the Year of the Sweater. It's time for my first sweater and I have several in mind. The next step is to find yarn, and I've been looking. Aimee, do you think we'll be able to fit in any yarn shop visits when we're in Seattle next weekend? Or maybe a Portland shop or two on my way home. Other than sweaters, I still have a couple of projects in my chemise -- the market bag is one. With this cold weather, I may be moving the felted clogs into my chemise pronto.

Dani, I heard some crazy stories from Aimee about Extreme Denver and yarn shops. Here's to warmer weather and longer days. Happy New Year, everyone!

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yarnchica said...

Lori, love the knits! They look great. Glad to hear that you are multi-tasking your projects. I don't think I felt like a "real knitter" til I had more than one project on the sticks!