24 March 2006

Yarn stash

Lorie and I went yarn shopping. My intention was to purchase yarn for the Lucy bag and the garden party noni bag. I bought yarn for the Lucy bag. I didn't find the yarn for the garden party bag. And then I saw the sale sign! Squiggle on sale! I've never knit with squiggle. But I love it. I had to have it. And then I saw Noro Kureyon on sale! I had to have that too. Argh. $80.00 and more projects than I have time for. And still no yarn for the garden party bag. Triple argh. I need to find a job I can knit at like Dani has.

Lorie bought yarn for the small booga bag. but she got sidetracked too. I'm glad to be a good influence on friends!

My yarn stash is out of control. I have enough yarn to knit projects for at least one year, maybe two! I need help. Between yarn and books, my house is overflowing. I'm off to knit and catch up on dvds.


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yarnchica said...

Wow, you have more of yarn stash than I do and I work at a yarn store! What's up with that? I guess I have managed self control better than I thought. Or the fact that I can knit on the job elsewhere keeps me burning up my stash!