08 April 2006

Projects Abound

Hey there,

Here are a few photos two of the things I have been working on lately. The pink sweater is from Knitting for Two. Even though I have no need to be knitting for "two", I just liked the pattern and thought it would be cute on anyone, and I got the yarn for 65% off at the shop I work at! Yay for Bag Sales!

The small swatch of light pink and olive green is for a cardigan from the Spring/Summer 06 Vogue Knitting International. There are three girls at the yarn shop knitting the same cardigan in all different colors. It should be fun to see how they all turn out! It calls for a Classic Elite yarn but we have substituted Butterfly Cotton Super 10 for it. I will hopefully add more photos as it grows!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


RedHotKnitter said...

Knitting for two? Hmmmm. Beautiful sweater. I can't wait to see it finished. Unless the arms aren't supposed to be attached?

I need to see the olive/pink in person with pattern to judge its beauty.

yarnchica said...

You will see at least the work in progress while I am there, as I will be knitting on the plane. the k42 sweater will be attached possibly this week- who knows with this emotional rollercoaster. I am doing much better today and am, in a way very happy to be coming to see you all. But we will see what tomorrow brings. I am sure you understand.

lvknits said...

I'm impressed, Dani. I'd love to see the finished sweater in person. Sorry to hear your news and I hope to see you when you're here.

P.S. I'm now blocking baby blanket #2 but don't have a digital camera yet.

yarnchica said...

Thanks Lori, I am sure I will see you in a few days, and if not I will be back in June.