18 February 2007

Tons o'knitting

I've been busy finishing projects, starting new ones, and thinking of what's next. I've knit slippers for my sister's birthday, but forgot photos. Jodi, if you read this blog, please send photos!

I'm still getting used to my new computer. I'm figuring out new iPhoto with my older (1 1/2 years) camera. Trying to get them to talk to each other is a challenge. We'll hope this works!

I finished my armwarmers and love them. I borrowed an idea from Dani and ran with it. She made her handwarmers out of Koigu (there's a story on the blog about their ultimate fate). Mine are out of Socks that Rock medium weight. I love the coloration and design. There is some pooling, but only when I decreased to a certain size to fit my arms. These are truly custom made. I used two size 2 circulars (similar to how I knit socks) and tried them on repeatedly as I knit, increasing and decreasing as necessary. I didn't decrease the hand portion enough (I forgot about the thumbs and how they affect the width of the hand), so they were loose. I tried, somewhat successfully, to felt them a little bit to shrink them up. I also added elastic to the ruffled edge to help them stay on my hands. Before the elastic was added, they kept sliding up as I typed and drove, which didn't work well. I'm ready to tackle another pair, this time with cables, after I finish another pair of socks.

I've also finished my Lucy bag, but I need to felt it. I'm madly working on my Karabella Boise scarf and am at the 24" mark. I'm liking the pattern I've developed. Its interesting enough to keep knitting, but not so complicated that I can't do anything else. When I finish the scarf, I'm going to submit the pattern to knitty.com so maybe I'll get published!

I've also made Rich's new nephew a wee hat out of Knitpicks Shine. I think that's all. Here's the photos.

Finally, here's a photo of Spike being scary (or scared)!

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yarnchica said...

Spike is so cute when he is scared. I don't think he looks so scary. Funny you should post a pick of your arm warmers - they are fantastic by the way! I just (within the last 30 minutes) rewound the yarn from the pair of mine so that they could be re knit at some point. Missy only managed to destroy 3 grams worth of yarn on one of them, so I should be fine to make a new shorty pair, with a more quality fit.

Love what you did with yours. Glad you like the socks that rock. I am slowly working on koigu socks. Will post sometime. Should be done by march! haha.
the computer is so pretty.k