26 December 2006

a belated post

photo first....this time sad. I have learned that our beloved dog Missy has just as expensive taste as I do. From the photo above you can see that there is something wrong with my glove. That right their is a koigu gauntlet that I made (my own pattern) while riding the train in Portugal in 2004. Sadly it will not make it into 2007. But all is not lost, as the gloves are a tad bit big and a bit long in the arm, so I will (at some point) end up ripping them out and making them again. Problem is, I never wrote down the pattern. Now on to better things....

Merry Christmas! I was hoping to get out a picture of our tree....but the pic's did not do it justice. Mr. Fireman decided since we don't own many ornaments and we didn't want to buy them before Christmas as they will be much less expensive after the holidays, that we would use household items to make up our tree. From a bottle of advil to hot chocolate packets and toothbrushes our Charlie Brown tree is lightly dusted in decoration. Even with our attempt we still did not manage to cover the tree with much. Maybe I will send out a photo you can squint at.

I have been meaning to write a post for a bit. I finished the Print 'o the Wave shawl (pictures pending). It was completed in the Winter Blizzard of 2006 while I was stuck at work for 28 hrs. Yep, it was evident that day that I am a diehard knitter. I went to work in running shoes (knowing 3 ft of snow had been forecast) and without extra provisions beyond a toothbrush but I remember to take not only the work in progress (the shawl) but a skein of sock yarn just in case I finished it. And I did! After only three months of tinkering and procrastinating, I completed my largest lace project to date. It is currently layed out on the guest bed blocking. Well, it's probably dry by now but with Christmas I didn't manage to have time to check on it. And now I am at work and not able to check at all. Gotta love working night shift on holidays.

Here's to merry knitting in 2007! Happy Holidays!

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