10 December 2006

Felting Season!

I can't really show many of my projects right now, as they are presents, but be assured I will post photos as soon as the holidays are over. Today is national felting day. I'm felting 7 projects! Argh. Cross your fingers and toes.

I went to Denver to visit Dani. We had a yarn store extravaganza! It was fun and at times fascinating. You see dear Dani worked at a yarn store with the most luscious gossip. Its almost like a soap opera. I can't share the details, but it was endlessly fascinating.

I bought baby alpaca for the bonnet from "Knit 2 Together" and Rowan Tapestry in Moorland for a scarf. Both are extremely tactile soft yarns. Dani got me Austermann Step in greens with a hint of red for Christmas. They will stripe beautifully without any fuss! As she bought the same yarn for herself, we'll report back on whether or not the Jojoba and Aloe Vera make a difference when knitting.

Meanwhile, here are cute photos of Lola, Spike and Rich's new friend.

Dani, if you're ever in the need, consider a crocheted bouquet from your favorite store as a wedding accessory! It s a great look for almost everyone! I know that if the situation were to present itself to me, I would sure think of the forever bouquet for my wedding day!

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yarnchica said...

good job not saying where that picture was taken and all...somehow I think I opt not for the forever bouquet...sometimes memories and photos are better than actual 30 year old crocheted bouquets....and who knows if there will be a wedding...maybe just a party to celebrate a union. :). I will keep you posted.

It was SO GREAT to have you here! I hope you enjoyed it and didn't get too sick of my incessant talking...blah blah blah blah...