19 November 2006

Projects Por Fin!

It's time to post and show some finished works. I've been knitting away it seems, getting ready for the holidays. Project #1, laptop cozy (Alterknits), hip and stylish, modeled here by its owner, Sara. She picked great colors and the dimensions came out just about right. A little too much shrinkage lengthwise (after only about 8 minutes!) but some tugging and stretching did the trick. We like the slightly skewed lines. In exchange, Sara helped me roast, peel and skin over 200 peppers from my garden (yes folks, that's 200, not 20)! Long, skinny sweet Italian peppers now safely in the freezer waiting to be turned into something. More holiday gifts???

Now, drum roll please....my first lace project! The traveling vine scarf (Knit Scarves!). This is "Miracle" - a gorgeously soft Alpaca/Tencel blend (50/50) from Classic Elite Yarns. (I hope the recipient doesn't read this blog.) This was a labor of love and concentration. Jeez, no chatting or la-dee-da-ing around with the lace. At least not for a newbie like me. Much time fixing mistakes, yet much learned. A delightful project... I will definitely take up lace again.

Now I'm on to more knitted gifts. Smaller projects will travel with me to Guadalajara next week taking advantage of airport and airplane time. Ok, I am taking books, too, people. Latina authors to boot. One must not let one's hobby overtake her profession, mind you. Well, I could just take knitting books, come to think of it. :) Ciao!


RedHotKnitter said...

Stunning! I want a laptop cozy too. Hmmmm. I'll add it to my list of things to make! The scarf is stunning in photo and in person. The recipient is a lucky gal! See you Wednesday.

yarnchica said...

Beautiful work! Love both your projects. Great job...I've been debating the laptop cozy in scrap yarn but have yet to get around to it. Have a great time in Guadalajara.

tk said...

Hey, that lace came out beautifully. I'm guessing it took a bit of patience; nevertheless, pure art.