13 November 2006


Thank goodness I am not knitting Christmas gifts this year, because I would be failing miserably. I can't even seem to manage to get done what I need (want) to get done for myself....where the prize at the end is a new sweater...something I need desperately since I am a bad shopper. I am working on an orange sweater, a teal sweater and green socks...all of which are in various stages of completion...and I am thinking about ripping them all out! Well, except the socks because I HATE the yarn and if I rip now I will never make the socks. Knitpicks Essential sock yarn is on my list of sock yarn NEVER to knit with again. I don't like the feel (scratchy). I guess I am a snob when it comes to sock yarn... give me Cherry Hills, Mountain Colors, Trekking XXL, Koigu and countless others and I will be happy but I am just not satisfied with discount sock yarn. Other yarns are fine...just not ones that belong on my feet!

I am hoping to post better progress in a few weeks but damnit it ain't happening now. Maybe I just haven't gotten desperate enough for the sweater(S)....

Off to attempt to finish my last sock working with the scratchy bad yarn...At least it's my LAST time.

Hope you all are having better success and are more highly motivated than myself.

Hugs! Hey, how was your girls weekend together?


RedHotKnitter said...

I think the only reason I'm knitting is the pressure of Christmas projects. I have 18 projects and want to do all, so I'm lost in doing none!

yarnchica said...

i just decided this year, in preparation for rn school I would take the pressure off of the knitting gifts. it will resurface later on...but for now it is all about me...or not about me as the case may be. :)