15 November 2006

On the what?

First, I must say, sorry no pictures. I did make some progress over the past few days, finishing a pair of socks and working hard on a selfish sweater that has been giving me trouble. I am hoping to be to the sleeves on the sweater by the weekend, as the body is knit all in one piece...but isn't a raglan. I will divulge what the project is as soon as I determine that I plan on finishing it! It's a great pattern but a bit difficult at times.

Okay..enough about knitting. On to the conversation I had on my cell phone on my way to work today. First, here is a little background. So you girls know that Steve and I found the dog for us. And we have been distracted training her and having a great time watching her personality come out more and more each day. She was so skittish for the first week we thought we had a meek one on our hands, but it turns out that she is full of spunk but still very well behaved. And then today, while I was on my seemingly endless drive to work I got a call from Mr. Fire fighters mom. You see, when I work nights and Steve is at work, she goes to his parents house to play with their dog and to stay the night. That way she isn't left inside our condo all alone for extended periods of time. Not that we don't think she could handle it but why should she? They love having her around and consider her part of the family. And they love that she helps keep their 11 year old dog a little younger.

So, back to the conversation. My phone rang about 20 minutes into the commute from hell ( not normally but for some reason it was tonight).

Me: Hello. How's it going? (I got that newfangled caller ID so I knew it was her)
Her: Hey there what's going on?
Me: Nothing much, just on my way to work. Oh, Missy and I went on about an hour walk and I just left her back at your house at 4:30pm.
Her: Sounds good...hey, did you know where she was when I got home?
Me: Um....she didn't jump the fence and go visit Shania did she? (Shania is the neighbors dog).
Her: Nooo...
Me: Well? Where was she? She didn't get out and you couldn't find her did she?
Her: Noooo....
Me: Um...where was she then?
Her: Well, when I got home I dropped my stuff inside the house and went back out front to grab the mail. That's when I heard a bark from the back of the house.
Me: yeah....
Her: And when I turned around I looked back at the house and there she was on the roof of the garage!
Me: On the ROOF!

Yep, that's our skittish, meek and timid dog that walks backwards away from you with her tail between her legs if you walk towards her just right (even if you have treats in hand). She's scared and timid one minute and then wild and on the roof the next. She is definitely a girl! What the hell are we gonna do?

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