10 November 2006

Babies, birthdays, and Christmas

My friend Kerri had a little girl in early November. I'd been working on a baby blanket for her. Even with a gauge swatch, it turned out to be 29" square after blocking, not the 32" I was hoping for. As a result, I had a skein of yarn leftover! So I quickly knit up the baby hat from "One Skein" and baby socks from an online free pattern. Both patterns were super easy and fast! I like that. I love the hat. If it weren't so darn cute, I'd be tempted to knit one for myself, but I think that would be a fashion don't. I still have more yarn and don't know what to do with it. I think after Christmas I'll take leftover yarn from projects and knit baby hats and donate them to the local prenatal unit. Tiny hats are fast and those babies (especially the ones born addicted to meth) need a little bit of warm love in their lives.

You will notice an axtreme difference from one half of the blanket to the next. This is not a photographic error. Its the yarn. From one skein to the next. Same dyelot. Totally different colors. Argh. I can't stress about it. It'll be fine.

I've also knit Rich's birthday present. I can't unveil this until next week after said birthday. It was a great knitting project to knit and I have enough yarn to make a matching one for me.

I finished my mom's Christmas present, Hannah's, and am halfway through Jodi's and Emma's. That just leaves Rich's, my dad, and all of my girlfriends. I think I can do it! I'll put photos up of the nieces Christmas slippers once they are felted because they are so darn adorable! Couldn't be cuter. Even though felted ballerina slippers are high on the cute quotient, I can safely knit a pair for myself and wear them around the house and no one need be the wiser that I have the cutest feet.

My sister announced that my two baby nieces want scarves for Christmas. This won't happen. why not? Because they are getting felted ballerina slippers and Kate dolls and a book each. They may get scarves next year. I did knit them scarves earlier this year, but they are only for dress up I guess. They are total rock star scarves and I have no photo of them. Jodi help! But here is a photo of the matching rock star flip flops (or slipper slops as Hannah has deemed them):

Okay back to laundry and knitting. Hope you all are well.

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