24 July 2007

timing is everything

My computer woes have managed to follow me into my second term of school. You may not remember, but I bought a new macbook back in March (it arrived March 28 to be exact). July 14th or so, after being in and out of the Genius Bar 6 times since March I took my computer in again. It was supposed to take 5 days to replace the logic board and anything else that was being persnickety and then I would have it back. No problem I said. I will have it back before finals week and be set. I can handle that.

Well, it's finals week. In fact I only have 3 days left of school and I just found out yesterday that once they fixed everything (basically gutted it and began anew), it refused to work. In fact, while running their diagnostics it just kept shutting down on it's own. Now that's a problem I never had with it (thank goodness). Timing is definitely everything. My new brand new computer will be here sometime next week. The delay is because I had it custom configured and they have to match the specs.

Thank goodness Mr. Fireman has a computer and doesn't mind if I monopolize it. So for the moment, to control the stress of not having my OWN computer, I have been knitting. And not studying. Somehow, it is less effective stress management. Hopefully soon I will have photos for you of a Clapotis (halfway), the Print O' the Wave Redo (just need to kitchner 17 piddily stitches) and the Boyfriend Socks (actually finished much earlier in the month).

Hope all is well and I will post when I am back in computer land. Or at least with my own computer again.

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