04 October 2007

Etsy and trades

I sent my sister home with my Lucy purse when she was here visiting. After all that time and money, I hated the purse. It wasn't useful to me. So I let it go. Jodi posted it on Etsy and has gotten an offer for a trade! I'm excited. The person who wants to trade paints watercolors and acrylics. She paints pears. Pears are my new passion for my kitchen and breakfast nook. Soon I will have more pears to hang up. And these are custom pears only for me! I get to suggest colors and all.

On the bright side for the two of you, Jodi has offered to be our selling agent on Etsy. If you have items to sell/trade, you can email her details and photos and she'll take care of posting and selling. You would need to mail the item once the deal is made, but she would do the footwork. Let me know if you are interested. I have some more items (hats and scarves) that I'm going to be putting up, just to see if I can de-clutter a bit more!

Knitting on my clapotis still goes. I started socks and frogged them and have barely started them again. I like the toe-up concept, but I made the first ones too big. I guess gauge swatches are always important. Lessons learned.

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yarnchica said...

That's cool about your Lucy Bag. I am trying to think if I might have something(s) to sell. Been knitting but not taking photos. Maybe I will remedy that this week. Gotta write a paper first! If it makes you feel any better, I am still learning the gauge swatch lessons myself!