05 May 2008

A Long Time Gone

Hey Ladies!

Sorry it has been so long. I have been knitting while knee deep in nursing school. I just haven't blogged about any of it. To try to make up for it, here are a couple photos, one of knitting.

The scarf is made from the Scroll Stitch Pattern in Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting. I first found the scarf on Ravelry through a friends faves. You can see the one mine s based on (ravelry link) blackbun's.

I don't know blackbun personally, but was completely inspired by her gorgeous scarf! The yarn I used was Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Black Parade. It is soft, luscious and sproingy. Best of all, it feels great against my neck! I love this scarf. The colorway is great because it's shades of black and dark blue and goes with just about everything.

The other photo is of Missy on our little walk last week. Spring has finally hit Denver after many months of yucky weather and brown everywhere. It's nice to see trees and plants in bloom. I was really getting homesick for the Pacific NW and luckily the weather turned for the better. Of course, the day (literally) after this photo was taken it snowed! On May 1st...I used to think Oregon weather was unpredictable but I was wrong. There it was rain or sun. Here it's snow, sun, hot, cold, ice all within a few hours.

Only one week of classwork to go for my BSRN. It's crazy to think it's almost over...well, the school part at least. I still need to pass the NCLEX and get a job! Wish me luck.

(Oh and sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Before spring hit there were not many great days to take photos and I am learning to use my new camera. )

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