14 April 2007

Yarn? Check.

Aimee and I did the Portland yarn crawl today. Thanks, Aimee! After visiting 3 LYS and parting ways, I stopped by Lint on my way home. Lo and behold, I found and purchased yarn for the Pearl Buck sweater. Aimee, it's better than the Rowan Felted Tweed. And the nice owner of Lint helped me with good knitterly advice after consulting my pattern. I ended up with Berroco Ultra Alpaca (a 50/50 wool/alpaca blend) in the cranberry mix colorway. I looked for an accurate photo online, but none capture the true color. I love it!

I got to see Aimee's new house. It's big and beautiful and waiting to be lived in. Can't wait to see it with all the stuff and fewer paint fumes (not too bad anymore). Great to see you, Aimee, and thanks for having me.

On this trip I experienced McMinnville, OR for the first time. I got to visit a library friend and my Guadalajara roommate, Dee. My visit included a stroll down what seemed like main street. Fancy there was a beautiful yarn shop along the way and I just so happened to get some more Classic Elite Miracle, this time in a light bluish tone. Another lacy scarf on the horizon (distant, but out there).

If that weren't enough, upon returning from Portland, I got dinner invitation to Annie and Seth's. That means I got by baby fix with Zara, play time with Boris, lovely adult conversation, and a delicious meal. All in all, a delightful weekend.


RedHotKnitter said...

I'm so glad you found yarn. I can't wait to see it and touch it. I'm not having much luck shopping for our 3rd's birthday that is next week. Argh. I'll worry about that later.

lvknits said...

Well, luck would have it that the yarn might not be so good for this project. My sage knitterly advice perhaps wasn't so good. I can't get the necessary gauge and I'm down to size 4 needles. It might be time to find a different pattern. I do love the yarn.

yarnchica said...

Lori, Good luck with the Pearl Buck sweater and the lacy scarf. I have heard that you should swatch and wash the Ultra Alpaca before you decide your guage is off. It can bloom or shrink and so it's best to see what it does with water. Of course, I rarely block anything so what do I know. I am also not so good at checking guage...let's see maybe that's why my sweaters are all too big! Good luck and do better than me- SWATCH and WASH!