01 May 2007

a disgruntled model and a favorite knit

Ahh...models. Sometimes they are good and sometimes not. Geoffery the Giraffe was less than compliant about wearing a pink baby sweater. After a few words, and him reminding me that he is a male giraffe (like one can tell when they are stuffed), he agreed and floppily laid there while I took the best photo I could. I don't know why the photo only shows up sideways. Oh I don't understand blogger at times. (Yes, I have lost what little mind I had and there are two weeks of the term left!)

I LOVE this sweater. It is the February Sweater from Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. A zillion bloggers have knit this little number and now I can see why. It's fun, it's fast, it's fabulous! I want to knit a million more.

Started: Friday April 27, 2007
Completed: Tuesday May 1, 2007 (It would have been done on Monday but I had to study for a test).

Yarn: approx 100g Jaeger Aqua (pink) + small amount of left over Knitpicks shine (cream). That's right, this little beauty was made with about 2 1/4 balls of yarn. Considering that it was all I had in my stash of both, I was pleasantly surprised.

Needles: Clover Bamboo US4 circular

I have more knits to show you, but my picture taking skills suck right now. And they are socks that I have already worn a number of times and need to wash before I can show you. Hope all is well and the knitting is fantastic.

Love and Hugs,

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SockPal said...

Such a cute sweater. Can't wait to see the socks!