16 September 2006

Knitting and Dating

Only one of the three RHK bloggers is in the market for a date. That would be me. When Aimee really moved to Portland, I said, okay Lorie, it's time. No more Friday knitting nights at Aimee's. Nor does a woman meet eligible bachelors sitting AT HOME knitting. Alas, as of today, it's back to Match.com. I took advice from the Yarn Harlot and crafted my profile sans mention of the word knitting, knits, knitted, or any variation thereof. However, I do believe "librarian" snuck in there somehow, as did "cat." Hmm... One thing is true: more dating = less knitting. I'll keep you posted on the progress of both. -lv

1 comment:

yarnchica said...

Hey there, good luck with the dating. At the very least you will have some entertaining stories to share, at your dates expense. It is okay that you plan on knitting less. We forgive you! haha. :) Have fun!

Love your Kate. She's a cutie!