05 September 2006

The List

Before I get off on a tangent: I forgot to grab the camera and USB cord on my way into work so I don't have photos now, but there will be soon. Currently I am halfway done with two dinosaurs (just need stuffing and sewing) for my nephew and soon to emerge neice. I am also working on Trellis Scarf Part Deux. It is from IK Spring '06 and I finished one earlier this month using Misti Alpaca in a light pink. That one is for a family friend. The current one I am working on may be for me or tucked away as a future gift. Who knows. It falls in with my futile attempts at de-stashing.

Since I am prone to list making, knitting has become a major focus on the organization front. I told myself I can't buy more yarn until half of my projects are accomplished, and that means not just the little projects. In the last month I have broken the rule twice. Once out of pure desire to have a new top....which has already been knitted and will debut soon. And the other time out of necessity. Well, that could be debated but I won't go into it yet...as someone has yet to receive her birthday gift from me which might explain my "necessary" shopping for myself.

So here is the list of what I must de-stash by actually starting and finishing projects by January, not including the Works in Progress mentioned above.

1. Purple cotton yarn bought 3 years ago for a baby blanket for neice (due at the end of October...I think I can get it done if I can only find a pattern).
2. Rowan wool (1 skein) for baby booties for neice as well.
3. Knit Picks Shine (5 skeins of assorted colors) for dinosaurs, or Mason- Dixon baby bibs or burp cloths for another baby about to be born.
4. Cascade 220 earmarked for Felted Market Bag from Weekend Knitting. Procrastination project due to the color work. I love cabling, I love lace knitting yet I have never done color work...I am afraid, and have no confidence about it. I just need to dig in and go for it, or else it will stay with me for years!
5. 2 Skiens Alpaca with a Twist Laceweight yarn for a gorgeous shawl...yet again my confidence was high at purchase, but has plummeted since then....must.just.jump.in
6. Rowan Aran Tweed yarn that I have had for 3 years for a sweater. First sweater choice didn't work out, then two others have met with disasterous results. Maybe I need to make these 5 skeins something other than a sweater, but what?
7. 2 Skeins Jo Sharp Aran Tweed for a hat or something... who knows.
8. 1 Skeins Knitting Sunshine Sock yarn for the Embossed Leaves socks from IK Winter 05 (I think).

Lots on the list and not enough time before I start the RN program in January. My goal is to destash by then so that I am not too distracted by knitting to study. The only catch is I need to stop finding more projects that I want to make.

So, not an exciting post, but one that might (I can hope) get me motivated and on track!

Happy Knitting.

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