09 September 2006

Peat and Repeat

Lately, I have been very much in a "do it again" mode. Not mood mind you, mode. I can't explain it, but in the last month I knitted the same scarf twice. Not, oh I got most the way through and realized that I majorly misread the pattern, resulting in frogging and re-knitting. No, that might be okay and easy to explain. I have actually, with great purpose and intention, knitted the same lace weight scarf twice. Both are still on the list to be blocked, which really doesn't have to happen until we get snow at 5200 ft here in CO. Or until the week before Thanksgiving comes, and the recipient of one of the scarves arrives for her visit. She is not a knitter, so she will not be tipped off by this entry. The peat/re-peat mode has been so strong that the other day at the LYS I purchased a skein of yarn for a winter hat, and went back and purchased a different color to make said hat twice! With no plans of giving either away, I wonder what I will do with two of the exact same hat in different colorways? Who does that?

Here are a few other things that have managed to be made/bought over the past few months. First up, is my first purchase of sock yarn from a fellow blogger. Dani (gotta support a knitter with the same name as me) from Knitting Sunshine on Etsy.com has some AMAZING colorways and great yarn. I bought two skeins, one as a gift (hopefully she got the package in the mail today or I just ruined the surprise) and the other for me. I mean, who can order yarn as a gift and not purchase a small keepsake for herself? Me, that's who. And I am so excited because I am almost done with one sock, which I will show when done and the other is started. And I am so excited about the fit, the feel and the pattern. Oh happiness is this right here! Or in a future post for y'all actually.

I broke down at 0600 in the morning one day at work on day 15 of a new work out program and decided I needed a reward for keeping up the program for 15 whole days. My fit hands typed my way to discountyarnsale.com where I purchased the pattern and yarn for the Orangina, by glampyreknits. It took me just over a week for complete and block, including ripping out all the ribbing and adding an inch to the body so that my lovely (less fit) belly would not hang out when I wear the top with a favorite pair of fancy pants. Pictures on that to come as well, since I am wearing said outfit to a work function tonight. Love the top, love the pattern, very nice and flattering.

And let's see...heres a look at my Brea Bag from berrocco with recycled yarn from my first knitted sweater (bad fit and to boot -double stranded worsted weight wool that would have been too warm for the 4.5 months I spent in antarctica!). But it makes a cute bag. Really cute one I sew in the lining...but since you all know how well I sew (what's a bobbin?) it will be MONTHS or years before that is accomplished!

Hope all is well and your visit with the Harlot was fantastic. I am SO JEALOUS! Come to Denver Yarn Harlot. I have heard so many things, so many many wonderful things!

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lvknits said...

Love the Sunshine yarn! And love seeing your projects! The Yarn Harlot taught us a few things which can be summed up as: among knitters nothing is crazy. So, two of the same project, two skeins for the same hat with no recipients in mind, whatever...it's all good. Pics of us with the Rock Star of knitting coming soon. Well, really, she's also the Stand Up Comic of knitting and the Olympian of knitting, etc.