16 September 2006

More cat beds

My cat bed is also done. There is an earlier post of the pre-felted bed (i.e. Rastaman cap). Post-felted it became a beret, modeled by this lovely stump. I dried it over an old lampshade stuffed with plastic bags. Finished product was nicely shaped for about 33 minutes. Now it's flat as a a pancake, Aimee and I used different patterns, and I made some modifications on the side part that I shouldn't have -- shoulda followed directions. But all in all you can see that Peeps still likes it. BTW, this was made with 4 skeins KnitPicks Sierra in Cranberry with about 1/2 skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Tiger Lily. I knit 16 wedges on size 15 needles (26" diameter) and 4" up the side. The pattern is here: http://webhome.idirect.com/~quanah/patcatb.html


RedHotKnitter said...

Mine is flat too. I'm thinking of using one of my sister's fabric bowls in the middle to keep the sides up, but then I will miss the bowl.

lvknits said...

I say, just accept flat. We can just think of them as a cat mat. Or even a flat cat mat. More fun to say, too. :)

Marlene said...

As long as the cat likes it and uses it I'd say it was a success. Who are we to say it needs upright sides?